Last weekend was a mix of feelings….  I retired my SantaCruz Heckler frame and put it on sell.

At a first glance it shouldn’t be any problem on that (since I’m going to a Nomad), but thinking on what the Heckler gave to me I just wish I could afford to have both bikes…

I’m in the mountain bike scene since 1994, started with a GT bike and stick with it. Of course none of the original parts is still in the bike (the oldest is probably the Magura HS-22 Brakes, blue edition from 1996) but when I look at it I can remember a thousand stories I lived with this bike, It’s an open book for my memory.

In 2006 I decided that was time to get a bike specifically for the all day Epic rides (and maybe for some Avalanche races) and my SantaCruz Heckler was born (but still keep the GT). The perfect machine for the “do it all” task, never let me down, even once!  With it I learn the meaning of full suspension bikes (we can go much faster than on hardtails!); with it I started to experience previously impossible lines on the descends; I did my first Downhill Marathon Race (aka Avalanche races); I broke a rib; I understood why DH tires aren’t the best ones to climb (to heavy!); with it I went to the craziest MTB competition on earth in the French Alps, etc, etc…  summary: with my Heckler I understood the true meaning of the All-Mountain concept.

And now, I must sell my Heckler to buy a Nomad… why can’t I have both? not fair indeed. The Heckler set new boundaries for my riding, I wil never forget it.

bye, bye, baby Heckler… Hello Nomad! Was this a sad day or the perfect day?


Hello world!…

September 28, 2008

just to leave the typical “Hello World” message for all Mountain Addicts, let’s see some action!