January means… new season!

January 2, 2009

I there, happy new year!  😉

So…  it’s cold outside and it’s January, what to do?  get the calendar and mark the 2009 events you want to be in during this year, not the ones you would like to be just for fun, but mainly the ones you are really going to take seriously!!! done? okay, now that you have your goal, work for it!

how? prepare the machine (bike + yourself), which means train for it!  yup, training is never enough

which is my goal?  get ready for my second Megavalanche at Alp d’Huez.


5 Responses to “January means… new season!”

  1. Nomad said

    And here starts the adventure…

  2. fil said

    It´s cold outside… SO WHAT! Get your ass off the sofa and get yourself in shape for 2009 season.
    No matter if it´s cold or hot. Just do it!
    Like someone said “pain is weakness leaving your body”.
    Let the games begin!

  3. joe o indio (elio) said

    Forget about the new season, ride for fun!!!!

  4. You guys looking for accommodation for the Megavalanche if so get in contact with us



  5. Hi Philip, thank’s for the info!
    if needed we will come back to you.


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