You can do it!

February 1, 2009


Did you ever established goals in the middle of your rides? I do.
Sometimes I look to a descent that scares me to death or a “wall” climb that everyone says it´s impossible to pass by and I think to myself I can do it!“, and then I do my best to pass over it.

Sometimes I fail at the first attempt but I still keep trying and trying until finally I achieve the goal.
Some people might consider those personal goals insignificant and sometimes make fun of the whole situation, but I simply don´t care. For me it´s a big step on my Mountain Biking skills. Those little improvements allow me to explore new trails that I never thought to pass by and to excel myself on every ride.

For the next time the challenge will be harder. No matter how hard the situation is, how difficult it may look, how insignificant it seems to be, we can always beat it and feel proud of yourself. That´s the spirit of my rides.


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