The first ride

February 17, 2009


Imagine that Yesterday you went to the local bike shop to check-out your bicycle, she was there about four weeks to be upgraded and tuned up for the new season; imagine that you don’t ride since past November; imagine that the weather is bad enough to get the name of a strange women (like the typhoon Katrina); imagine that you have only sleep about 5 hours during last night; imagine that you are still in the bed and already know that it won’t be easy, you know that there will be lots of mud waiting for you in the climbs and wet rocks laying down in the descends; imagine that this is Sunday morning, the last day you have to rest before another stressful week; just imagine that your dream monster (the bike) is ready for the first ride of the season, but you’re not.

So, what do we (strange creatures who love Mountain Biking) do even before hearing the alarm clock set to 8:00 am? Jump out of bed, eat some cornflakes, gear up (even the Lycra stuff), get our precious monster from the garage and blast into our little secret trail to measure how much damage Christmas season did to us. Why? Because we know that this will be one of the most enjoying rides of the season!

It’s just too much time off the saddle, we need some action and we know it will be fun (at least until the start of the wall climb…). It isn’t easy, but if you pass this little test you got what is takes to guarantee several hours of fun with your little two wheel monster. I did my test two weeks ago, it was fun but I shouldn´t have eaten so much during Christmas season!

I’m in Portugal, hopefully the full sunshine days are rising anytime, so let’s get ready for it. Enjoy.


5 Responses to “The first ride”

  1. Carlos Rodrigues aka Cipollini said

    Dear Malheiro,

    For few moments I thought that I was reading the Lennon’s song Imagine :). I know what you felt before the first ride in the monster bike :D, I know this biking hunger. I felt the same with my new Bianchi and when I started the current season.

    Happy new biking season… I hope share some asphalt with you.

  2. Hi Carlos,
    thanks for the comment!

    Good to know that I’m not the only one having this strange reactions to “biking hunger”.
    About the asphalt… it won’t be easy to catch your skinny and underweight Bianchi, but for sure we will ride together in Aveiro.

    Cheers! 😉

  3. usaralho said

    Now my bike is starting to cry because i read this aloud. I have to take her to trails, be right back! 😀
    Já agora também sou de Aveiro e sim, vou mesmo dar uma volta por causa deste texto!

    Biking & Treking, what more do we need?

  4. Hi! how was your ride? 😉
    …you are right, Biking and Trekking are really something. Just wish we had some bigger mountains in Portugal.
    see you around.

  5. usaralho said

    Broke my presta valve :S … it was a longer valve than normal but the guy from store told me that was ok. he doens’t had the normal one. It was just my second ride with that Slime tube. I think I’ll try Dr Sludge or so… soon i’ll upload some pictures

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