What you do when you´re tired to ride the same old trails over and over? You start to build your own or improve an existing one. That´s what we are doing on our favourite spot. Improve it and upgrade it by opening new lines to escape the main trail. But the new ones must be more fun and more difficult to ride for skill improvement. So every Saturday morning we grab our tools and bikes and hit the spot and start to dig and cut bushes. Usually in one morning we can open 50m to 80m of trail. When a new trail or part of a trail is ready we take our friends to do a test ride.

Our building skills don´t contemplate wood working, so we don´t have shores and stuff like that. The only wood used are some fallen trees positioned along the path to sustain gravel and rocks. The main goal is to use the existing terrain shape and take the best out of it.

Drops, steep descents, switchbacks, closed turns, etc… everything that provides a fluid, technical and fun ride.