Friends are Everything

January 28, 2009


I just love the feeling of blasting through the dream singletrack, the never ending one, just me against the nature. Nothing and nobody can stop me. Such instants are magical moments that makes us feel in the eternal glory of the Gods.

Some other times we need the restlessness, the rush of riding with our friends, share sensations and states of mind.

For someone who has friends spread all over the country, what can we do?
It can’t get much better than enjoying a full day with our bike and more importantly, with our friends.

North, South, West or East it doesn’t really matter from where they come, just come!
On the 28th February we will be there, and Lousã will be waiting for us.

Because this is the spirit which makes us go further. Because this is the feeling which unites us. Because this is our passion.