We have done it, again.

July 13, 2010

just arrived from Alp D’ Huez, once more the Megavalanche was simply astonishing. Few words can describe it…


Be prepared

May 12, 2010

The Megavalanche 2010 is almost here and I hope to be part of it again.

Last year it was my first time in this epic event. From day 1 I’ve became addicted and in past January I signed in again for the 2010 edition.

My first experience had good and bad points.

On the good side was the huge amount of trails to ride, the massive concentration of allmountain and DH riders in one event, the professional organization that every year make this happen, the company of Portuguese friends, etc…

The down side was my lack of physical preparation. One week riding an average of 40km per day was painful from mid week till the end, but the need for riding bikes down the mountains was stronger and sometimes adrenaline and happiness took pain apart.

Learning with past experience, i´ve sign up in a local gym to prepare myself for next July.

Some friends told me that physical preparation before the event is essential to handle “one week of skeleton shaking”.

In addition to the gym work I try to hit the local trails at least once a week to upgrade my descent skills on rough terrain. Gather the crew to spend a weekend on the endless trail site in Lousan is a “must do” for many reasons. Put our minds away from work and make as many descents as possible till the pain strike our bodies.

So i´ve already start to get in shape to enjoy a full week of massive descents on high altitude on the most beautiful trails i´ve seen so far. Can´t wait!

Meanwhile check our photos from last year´s Mega Avalanche, here.

hungry bike boy

February 28, 2010

…so, what does my Santa Cruz Nomad and the 28th February have in common? nothing, that’s the problem. haven’t ride my bike since last year, shame on me.

but, the 2010 Megavalanche is coming (in 19 weeks time) and I will be there again.

some new parts are arriving for my precious SC any time soon… it’s time to kick the pedals!

I there, happy new year!  😉

So…  it’s cold outside and it’s January, what to do?  get the calendar and mark the 2009 events you want to be in during this year, not the ones you would like to be just for fun, but mainly the ones you are really going to take seriously!!! done? okay, now that you have your goal, work for it!

how? prepare the machine (bike + yourself), which means train for it!  yup, training is never enough

which is my goal?  get ready for my second Megavalanche at Alp d’Huez.