Lousã Bike Trip

October 25, 2010

So we went to rip Lousã trails again. This time we took 4 new AMA crew members and explore new trails.

Here´s a little teaser

This report is about the second time that the All Mountain Addict crew got together in Lousã. This is one of the best places in Portugal for mountain biking. Team Santa Cruz Syndicate made the first rides with their carbon V10 on Lousã tracks! The crew is composed by 7 riders from different geographical places of Portugal that just gather around two or three times a year to explore new trails and have a good time.

Day one “The gathering”

Friday night, packing things, eat something at “Italiano” restaurant and the beer machine drops dead in the middle of dinner. Not a good thing because not all like chocolate milk! And after the meal we start the road trip to the village. One and a half hours to the rented house in Lousã, unpacking things and out for a beer to talk about every kind of crap!

Saturday morning with “Saturday night” wake up!

Took the 4×4 truck stuffed with bikes, gear and riders up the mountain and the first run was divided in three groups to recognize the different trails in the area called “Terreiro das Bruxas”. This is group of singletracks with a lot of roots and a soft compound created by tree leafs. The trails are very fast have small drops and berms and provide a well spend morning.

In the afternoon, after a grilled chicken lunch, we went to a different set of trails that end in a small mountain village called “Gondramaz”. We spend some good time there jumping a small roadgap, but sadly the local vegetation as started to cover the singletracks and it was hard to see the right way, but still a good time.

After this afternoon of joy, we return to the house to get some rest and some food in our bellies because the chicken was long gone!

Sunday “Mondraker bikepark”

We went to explore a project called ”Mondraker bikepark”. It’s a group of trails created by some locals to explore another part of the mountain in a more professional way.

We had some trouble finding the trails at the beginning, because they are all covered in pine needles, but once we find it and get to know the right way to go it was a lot of fun, definitely a  place to return!

The end is in an old mountain guard house, and as I said they are worth of some runs!

It was a great weekend, with great trails and moments! Hope forward to the next trip!

more photos are available on Flickr [Lousã Bike Trip set].


hungry bike boy

February 28, 2010

…so, what does my Santa Cruz Nomad and the 28th February have in common? nothing, that’s the problem. haven’t ride my bike since last year, shame on me.

but, the 2010 Megavalanche is coming (in 19 weeks time) and I will be there again.

some new parts are arriving for my precious SC any time soon… it’s time to kick the pedals!

having fun

November 14, 2009

The winter is coming, days are shorter and Sunday mornings are colder.

Anyway, some weeks ago I managed to kill some bike hunger: packed the bikes, photo and movie cameras and joined André and Filipe to a little tour around some of our trails from the past century (the hardtail times) looking for some fun.

It went something like this…

The video is too short to exemplify how much we enjoyed the ride.
It’s amazing how easy and simple is to get some great fun. That’s why I love MTB!

One of the things that was missing in this little project called All Mountain Addict was the photos and videos that allow us to remember the great moments we had (and still have) with our bikes and friends.

In the beginning of the summer the focus was 100%  training for Megavalanche (whenever possible for a guy that doesn’t  pay the bills with the bike), then after the big event of the year it was time for Holidays, afterwards it was full power in the daily job to get back on track… no extra time for nothing (well, almost nothing, I still manage to participate in a Avalanche type race in September 🙂 ).

It was about time to get things done: Multimedia section is now updated with the right links to our little Pandora box.

Check our photos (and soon videos also) at our Flickr photostream, and follow our daily thoughts at twitter.

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July 15, 2009

Long time no see… why?  first we were busy getting ready for the Mega, then we were riding it!!!  Soon we will post a brief summary and some photos/videos from the unique  Megavalanche Alpe D’ Huez  (race results here).


This is Enduro…

May 21, 2009

AVcup_logoUndoubtedly one of my favourite MTB race concepts, too hard for a XC bike and too soft (?) for a downhill monster. What you need is a All Mountain (or Enduro) trail bike, light enough for the uphill sections but at the same time strong and effective for the downhill sections.

Bike Enduro races are mainly composed of downhill timed stages interconnected by several kilometers of (normally) uphill trails, the winner is the fastest rider in the downhill sections which also completed the interconnection stages within the established limit times.

Have a look at our All Mountain Addict Delicious bookmarks for the video coverage of the Avalanche Cup 2009 / round#2 –  Kielder Enduro (race results here).

oops!When things go the wrong way… normally it sucks.

At the end of a very enjoyable All Mountain ride with some mates (we found some new single-track sections!), there I was having the “fun of my life” blasting trough a fast section of an old downhill track when suddenly while getting out of a small (but quick) jump exiting a left corner, my front wheel decided to take a different route than the one I was planning… you can imagine what happened, let’s say I had a very quick and unexpected encounter with the “mother Earth”. The damage was restricted to the careless rider (that’s me), basically I reshaped part of my right arm and leg (fortunately I had no serious damages). For some time that I hadn’t a fall like this, it wasn’t serious, but it was enough to raise some alarms inside my head.

The confidence we have on our capabilities to ride is for sure one of the key points which enable us to ride quick and be aggressive enough to overcome the natural obstacles.
The falls are almost inevitable for anybody who is riding in a competitive way (since we are constantly riding over the limits) either we are training for the race of our lives or racing against our best friend in the backyard track, every time we pass over the comfort zone we are exposing ourselves into a potential dangerous territory. Nevertheless there is a certain margin (security margin) above our comfort zone which we know we still can handle and we in-conscientiously use it to evolve and improve our riding skills. But, when things go wrong we must reflect on what happened and be able to determine if we are being careless (riding way over our limits/comfort zone) or if it was pure bad luck. Riding high above our skills is not the right way to evolve, we must take it step by step.

I try to enforce some basic rules during the rides to avoid unnecessary damages, as such during the ordinary epic rides I usually ride inside the comfort zone (maximum in the boundaries of the comfort zone but risk nothing); in downhill/technical training sessions the default working mode is very often above the comfort zone but still keeping a security margin, of course sometimes I pass way beyond such security margin but I try not to due it frequently.

Most importantly, each of us must have conscious of our limits, improvements will come as often as we train. An interesting detail I earned with the experience of riding for some years is that the awareness each of us have about our comfort zone and security margin is a little influenced by our age and stage of our lives; unconscious teenagers simply don’t think in the consequences, I remember to be one of them.

Anyway, like it or not, anyone who rides fast will (time to time) have some unpleasant surprises, it’s part of the sport. If we cannot avoid it, at least we can minimize the damages by using the correct protections and body armour according to the type of riding. At least for downhill and/or very technical trails  I strongly recommend everybody to use protections!  …but, in the end that’s up to you to decide.

my message: do not be afraid, just enjoy your rides and be conscious.

…still about my fall (in the picture), it was purely bad luck!