Bad weather?

March 25, 2010

There´s a bad weather weekend and what are the riding possibilities? Plenty! Just grab your gear, your bike, gather the crew and hit the trails. Rain and mud won´t bite you.
That´s what we did past winter. Four brave riders went to Lousan for a weekend ride. Our
hope was the sun will appear just for two days, but only the rain showed up. But you don´t go out on a weekend to stay at home by the fireplace. Since we were there, the only reasonable thing to do was try out the muddy trails.
A good help was a 4×4 pickup truck (thanks Elio!) to shuttle us uphill taking the shortest gravel road.
I´ve tried those trails in several conditions, but nothing like this time. One of the trails had water running down, so we´ve got our first experience riding down a river on a bike. It was an unforgettable experience.